Pure Pipe Technologies Ltd can renew ageing pipes, patch a leak or fully coat to cure multiple defects.


Using Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) solutions we can repair patches or full lengths of pipes with no groundworks - this is a ‘No Dig’ technology.

Our variety of treatments increase the life of your utility assets and with UV lining are quick curing and generate no waste products.




An initial CCTV survey is undertaken to best understand the issue



Roots and other debris are cleared using Cutting and Jetting techniques



A lining is put in place either on a patch or a full length of pipe



Using the latest UV technique the lining is cured and hardened



With another CCTV survey the line is checked to ensure a successful job


Drain and sewer performance can be greatly improved and problems such as root infestation resolved by lining the pipe.

A lining technique is chosen (depending on the site and location) which is then inserted. Once in place, this is then cured to create a successfully rehabilitated, durable pipe.

In many cases, the liner can be installed, cured and other pipes cut and re-opened all in a single day. Our specialist team deliver an effective solution by selecting the appropriate lining for each individual project.

Ultraviolet Curing

A high tech ultraviolet lighting rig placed in the pipe to cure with no harmful byproducts

Other services...

Working with our clients, Pure Pipe has developed a comprehensive and flexible range of services, ensuring we stay at the forefront of drainage maintenance and rehabilitation technology.

Our range of services are available routinely or for one-offs and are not limited to those shown on our website.

For more information, please call us on: 01924 495 139