Pure Pipe Technologies Ltd uses modern robotics to delicately navigate pipes and lines to find debris for cutting among other uses.



Our Robotic Cutting units have the unique ability to navigate tight bends and even climb vertical surfaces with ease for full flexibility when carrying out all tasks. We can offer Mainline Cutting units which works in larger pipes, making easy work of macerating stubborn blockages, roots and other debris.


We appreciate that cutting work can be a reactionery treatment, so we are well experienced in causing minimal disruption when working.


Cutting is also undertaken during our lining works. After a lining is applied, we use different tools to re-cut access to feeder pipes and lines to ensure the area works as intended and with a leak-free lining. For more information on our lining techniques click here.

Other services...

Working with our clients, Pure Pipe has developed a comprehensive and flexible range of services, ensuring we stay at the forefront of drainage maintenance and rehabilitation technology.

Our range of services are available routinely or for one-offs and are not limited to those shown on our website.

For more information, please call us on: 01924 495 139