Pure Pipe Technologies Ltd uses modern CCTV technology to quickly and accurately survey the condition of your utility assets to suggest life-extending treatments.



With options for live and recorded footage, Pure Pipe can study pipes and lines from 100mm to 1200mm in diameter in high definition detail.

Our surveys are compiled and finalised on-site with the full client specific report digitally delivered shortly after the survey.


Using a ‘Main Line Crawler’ unit we can offer ‘real time’ surveying packages with increased accuracy and speed over older methods.

For harder to reach jobs at a greater distance, we use a ‘Push Rod’ system. This highly portable, compact unit is perfect for very tight spaces and can negotiate multiple bends with ease.

Each system from Pure Pipe allow for full pan and tilt camera controls and utilises a 10x optical zoom with autofocus and LED lighting to give you the most accurate, clear survey.

Other services...

Working with our clients, Pure Pipe has developed a comprehensive and flexible range of services, ensuring we stay at the forefront of drainage maintenance and rehabilitation technology.

Our range of services are available routinely or for one-offs and are not limited to those shown on our website.

For more information, please call us on: 01924 495 139